Are you wondering why corrugated boxes are tested for quality? Corrugated boxes play a crucial role in protecting products during transportation and storage. It’s essential to ensure that they are of high quality to prevent damage to materials. Thus, paper & packaging manufacturers should test the quality of the boxes before delivering them to the customers. We at Presto have designed high-quality laboratory testing instruments that will easily test different properties of corrugated boxes so that the boxes will not get damaged during shipping and transportation.

In this blog, we are going to provide you with information about top corrugated box testing instruments that you must use in 2023 and ensure that no rejections will be faced by manufacturers. But before that, we will discuss some of the crucial factors that should be tested for corrugated boxes so that the quality of materials will be delivered to the customers.

Different quality factors must be tested for corrugated boxes

Do you deal with corrugated boxes on regular basis? Do you frequently face any product rejections due to poor box strength? This can happen due to several factors that may affect product quality.

There are many factors that go into ensuring the quality of a corrugated box. In order to ensure that your boxes meet the highest standards, it is important to test for a variety of factors using accurate lab testing instruments.

Below we have listed some of the major factors that must be tested in accordance to ensure the quality of materials.

  • Bursting strength: Bursting strength is a key factor to consider in the packaging industry due to its ability to protect products from damage or breakage. In addition, bursting strength ensures that a package will be able to withstand external bursting pressure. To ensure that the bursting strength of the material will be calculated easily, one can make use of a bursting strength tester.  This is because poor bursting strength can affect its product quality. Thus, testing the bursting strength of the material is important to ensure the quality of materials will be delivered to the customers.
  • Compression strength: Testing the compression strength of boxes is an essential step in the packaging and shipping process. Boxes are continually exposed to a variety of external forces while they are in transit and being handled. By testing the compression strength of boxes, it can be determined whether or not the box is capable of protecting the materials inside from any potential external damage.

Furthermore, it ensures that the box will remain intact throughout the entire transport process. Compression testing also helps determine the structural integrity of the box and identify areas of weakness that could be addressed for future orders. Testing compression strength provides valuable insight into the quality and performance of the product packaging, thus ensuring a safe and successful delivery of the product. You can easily check the compression strength of boxes, with the help of the right lab testing instrument.

  • Drop strength: Drop testing of corrugated boxes is an essential process in the packaging and shipping process. During transit, these packages are exposed to a variety of external forces, such as dropping and tumbling. By testing the drop strength of corrugated boxes, it can be determined whether or not the box is capable of withstanding these external forces.

Drop strength testing also helps to identify areas of weakness that can be addressed in the design of the packaging, thus providing additional protection for the items inside. Furthermore, it ensures that the package remains intact throughout the entire transport process, thus facilitating successful delivery.

  • Edge crush strength: Edge crush strength testing is an important part of the packaging and shipping process. This type of testing is used to determine the maximum amount of force that a given material can withstand before it begins to crush edge-wise. By testing the edge-crush strength of materials, manufacturers can easily determine the edge-crush ability of the materials so that their products will do not get crushed during shipping.

These are different factors that needed to be taken care of before delivering products to customers. Thus, we at Presto have designed different material testing equipment that are used to test different factors of the material. Below we have mentioned them.

Maximize Your Package Safety with Corrugated Box Testing Instruments

Quality testing is important for corrugated boxes because it helps to ensure that the boxes will be able to withstand the rigors of shipping and handling. Corrugated boxes are subject to a lot of wear and tear during the shipping process, and if they are not made with high-quality materials, they can easily break or become damaged. Thus, with Presto laboratory testing equipment, one can ensure that the boxes are made with durable materials and can stand up to the challenges of the shipping process.

Below we have listed the top testing instruments that will maximize your package safety while transporting the materials to the customers.

  • Bursting strength tester: We at Presto have designed different models of bursting strength testers that can help to test the bursting strength of corrugated boxes. This lab testing instrument will be provided with a hydraulic load under the rubber diaphragm of a specific area of the sample under test. With the aid of this quality laboratory testing device, individuals can obtain the bursting strength value in kg/cm2, making it simple to compute the bursting strength of paper-based goods such as corrugated boxes. Users can easily view different models of this quality testing equipment that includes digital pneumatic bursting testerdigital pneumatic with printerdigital cum computerized model with pneumatic clamping, and many more.
  • Box compression tester: The Presto box compression tester is a useful testing instrument for determining the strength and durability of packaging materials. This testing instrument is designed to measure the compressive strength of corrugated boxes, paperboard, and other types of packaging materials, which helps manufacturers ensure their products are protected during transportation and storage.  By measuring the maximum load the material can withstand before it fails, manufacturers can make adjustments to their packaging designs to improve product safety and reduce the risk of damage during shipping. We provide different models of this quality testing equipment that includes box compression tester computerizedbox compression tester digital mini, & box compression tester NXT models.
  • Drop tester: The Presto Drop Tester (As per IS:7028 Pt IV) is a useful equipment for ascertaining the transport worthiness of corrugated & solid fiber boxes and shipping containers. It has provision with an angular drop arrangement to help accurately ascertain the transport worthiness of the package from all angles.

Drop tester is widely used in several industries to test and substantiate the potency of plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. The machine operates by dropping a test specimen from a certain height to ascertain the strength of the specimen. We will also provide a pneumatic motorized model of this quality testing instrument.

  • Edge crush tester: RCT/FCT/Edge Crush Tester Digital is a consistent lab testing instrument that is used to test the edge-wise crush resistance of the materials. This quality material testing machine is widely used in the packaging industry and determines the quality of the material delivered. This testing instrument has been designed by different industrial standards that include IS 7063. This quality lab testing equipment will easily conduct ring crush, edge crush, & flat crush strength tests on the materials. You can also view the edge crush tester prima model, & digital cum computerized model.

These are the top 4 lab testing instruments for the corrugated box industry that you must use in 2023 to save your products from getting damaged. You can give us a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at to know more about our . Our team of technical experts will consult you regarding all your needs and queries.

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